Research – Analyze – Take Action

Hello everyone,

I’m Gerry Bakker and I have a story to tell.

I believe you will find this useful in your search for success.

Remember, to live your life with balance. Get away from that computer and take in the scenery as we did a few weeks ago at Panorama Resort in British Columbia, BC, Canada. A few hours’ drive from where we live.

If you are trying to figure out how to make money online without going broke while trying then perhaps my story will help you find the clarity you need to set your purpose and direction into focus to be truly successful

I was just like you, poking around the Make Money Online (MMO) world and like many of you I spent over $15,000 buying every new shiny object that showed up in my email inbox every day. I recognize that most of you didn’t spend that much money but I was completely focused on figuring out the hierarchy of who was successful, what they do, how they are all related to each other and how they got there so that I could then learn from their experience to set my own course of action.

Along the way, I learned that almost everyone was creating or selling products on Warrior+, JVZoo, Clickbank and others. I am seeing 5-10 new product offers per day. They all look great but most of them are just rehashes of stuff I saw two years ago. Go to to see what I am talking about. Along the way, I found a few treasures that stand out from the crowd.

After sifting through all this I found five mentors who, even though using very different methods, all have very focused methods of success. I have written a valuable report that provides you with a great overview of their methods and focuses so that you can make a valuable informed decision as to which of 5 different directions you can go. It’s called “Internet Marketing – 5 Guaranteed Ways To Succeed“. My report will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of your time. Pick one of my suggested mentors to get started and I know you will succeed if you stick with that one for at least 90 days to start seeing real results. There is no EASY button out there but the actual work involved to succeed isn’t hard to do. The hard part is staying focused and productive instead of distracted and dismayed. I know this from personal experience – I wasted a lot of time. Each one of these mentors has a proven road to your success – Pick one and follow their path all the way to your destination. If you can do that you will succeed. I know that if you were to devote an hour a day to working with any one of these mentors you would succeed at making enough income to positively change your life forever.

It is a cruel world out there but the simple reality is that if you build it, and for most, traffic won’t come soon enough to keep you in business. While you are using SEO, blogs, websites and e-commerce stores to build gravity over time, that’s great if you have time to wait a year or more once you’ve started building your empire. Most affiliates are doing the right things in their chosen niches but simply run out of runway (cash) before they can successfully launch their own (Field of Dreams) enterprise. The cruel fact is buyers don’t show up just because you built something. Here is another self-evident truth – you only have limited time in your life and each hour of your life is worth a lot more than nothing. You shouldn’t be leaving the value of your time out of your valuation of the cost of waiting for someone to stumble onto your offer versus investing in a mentor to show you how to actively get or send qualified traffic to your offer right now. Not taking action right now can cost you everything you ever hoped for in this lucrative but competitive make money online market.

So … take action now by attending the free webinars provided by these people to see what they are doing and how you could apply what you learned to your own life or business. Be prepared to take a lot of notes because it comes at you real fast. Personally, I just do screen captures of each screen and pop them into a Google Doc. It’s so easy to do and there for you to review in a quiet moment at a later time if you chose not to take action at that specific moment in time.

Sincerely and humbly,

Gerry Bakker