Against All Odds

Hello, I’m Gerry Bakker, the guy that sent you a series of emails over the last few weeks in response to your interest in the 301K Challenge that would take you from Zero to $1,000 income within 30 days if you signed up for it and applied what you learned.

I am hoping to keep your attention by providing short useful insights into the shortest paths to success in Internet Marketing.

Personally, I have been living the Laptop Lifestyle for the last 20 years because I was forced to by a life-changing heart attack at the age of 48 that left me dead and then revived, thankfully, with modern surgical medicine. I was then advised to change my high-stress desk jockey lifestyle of 16 hour days, fast food instead of proper meals and no exercise while sitting at that desk or die for sure the next time it happened. This photo is of me 18 years later. Obviously, I must have changed a lot and I did. I hope to help you do the same.

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If you ever made it to one of my conferences, you’ll probably remember the “5 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed in Internet Marketing” presentation. I love this picture, above, as my wife and I sampled some of the local food two years ago. The last year has been a blur without our regular travel around the world routine. We live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada and usually spend our winters in Australia and points between. Remember, I really do live the Laptop Lifestyle.

Since you’re joining us, I thought I’d give you my ebook called “Internet Marketing – 5 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed”, as my thanks, right now, for free. Yep, the book that defines the ability to level-up your game, generate more wealth and form a sustainable legacy, and is beloved by many of my fans… yours, free.

It’s a nice short read showing you 5 distinctly different ways to make it online and contains links to five of my favourite Internet Marketing mentors and their introductory webinar. Each has a completely different way to make significant online income. Download it and you’ll see what I am talking about. It’s a good example of the kind of quality that I can deliver to you on a regular basis.

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My belief is that there IS another level of life experience available to us all – one that is more vibrant, connected, fulfilling, and excellence-driven.

That’s what I want to help you achieve. For 40 years, since I launched the first Computerland store in my city, I’ve woken up every morning to contributing and mentoring people on how to improve their lives and reach their dreams while making a positive impact. I hope you feel a sense of that dedication and compassion in my ebook and my blog writing at Please share this with your friends and have them subscribe!

Every day, you can choose to just show up and go through the motions, to live an ordinary life, or you can choose to be extraordinary. I believe that, if you keep opening my emails and learning from our contributions and experience then you can reach and sustain that level of extraordinary life so much easier. So stick with me. Let’s build your future, together.

My Honest and Simple Opinion on Affiliate Marketing

We have all seen the daily emails promising instant income. The shiny objects generally promised instant success with their magic formulas but 90% of them, although a bit educational, were a waste of my money. 

The mentors, on the other hand, provided sensible long-term maps and methods to certain success if you were able to accept that it will probably take a year to replace your current income with their success formulas.

In the end, I recognized that I should have picked just one of those mentors and simply stuck to their roadmap. If I had, I would have saved $30,000 and made more than $100,000 in that amount of time. 

But I couldn’t find those mentors at first. It took me months of spending and trying to sort out the fact that all those low-cost shiny objects were in a crowded sea of bloody red affiliate wanna-be’s destined to bleed out of cash before they saw any income from a lot of wasted time, money and effort.

Wading through the affiliate carnage at my feet, I started to notice these mentors that floated above it all were in a nice clean, low competition sea of blue where they floated like big easy-going whales scooping up shrimp by the mouth full while living the life that everybody below them was promising but never delivering. I knew then what I know now – I wanted to be one of them and now I am, thankfully, one of them.

With my advice, at no cost to you, I will help you find your way to the clean blue ocean of opportunity that I now experience. Along the way, I might pick up an affiliate commission or two if you click on one of my links but you probably won’t mind since I will have saved you from financially bleeding to death if you had innocently jumped into the bloody fight at the bottom of the feeding chain.

I’ll start by giving you my free eBook – that you can find on my website –

Moving forward, stick with me, don’t unsubscribe me, whitelist my email address and follow along as I share, with you, significant snippets of wisdom that I paid heavily for and are not covered by my eBook. I don’t regret that investment because I could afford to lose it and because it gave me the knowledge and the confidence to reach out to you and share all that I have learned.

Gerry Bakker

Together, I believe that we will do great things, positively change lives for the better and bring financial independence and security to your life.

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